Pet Care Supplements

In order to live a long and healthy life, your pet needs more than just their daily dose of processed dog or cat food. Stanley Specialty Pharmacy carries a complete line of dietary supplements for your dog or cat. And because different ages or pets have different nutritional needs, we carry a wide range of products for puppies and kittens, adult pets, and senior animals.

In order to combat the unhealthy or insufficient vitamin and mineral ratios present in processed pet food, Stanley Specialty Pharmacy offers several daily and weekly pet supplements. Some of our most popular cat and dog supplements are the omega-3 fish oil products which help keep your pet’s coat soft and smooth year-round. Most processed cat and dog foods rarely contain adequate amounts of EPA and DHA fatty acids, which is why they need our dietary supplements to maximize their long-term health.

In addition to our Omega 3 pet supplements, we also carry many other daily vitamins for your cats and dogs. Please call today or submit an information form to learn more about how to maximize your pet’s health!