CBD Bath Bombs

Enjoy Your Most Relaxing Bath Yet


Whether you’re interested in trying a CBD product for the first time or already love it and want to try a new CBD product, you have to learn about our CBD bath bombs. They offer the same luxurious benefits of traditional bath bombs with an added element of relaxation.


If you’re ready to enjoy your most relaxing bath yet, contact Stanley Specialty Pharmacy to purchase CBD bath bombs. Our team of pharmacists will help you find the perfect scent! If you have questions, explore our answers to the top FAQs below.


I’ve tried a lot of bath bombs and you can truly tell the difference with CBD. I’ve never felt so stress-free and relaxed! –Mandy M


CBD Topicals FAQs


What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are a way to bring the spa experience right to your own home! CBD bath bombs are products that combine CBD oil with essential oils and Epsom salt to create a unique, soothing addition to your bath time routine. Choose from an array of scents and colors depending on your mood.


How Do I Use CBD Bath Bombs?

To use your CBD bath bomb, fill your tub with warm water like you normally would. Then drop one bath bomb into the water and allow it to dissolve. The bath bomb will release refreshing fragrances and even change the color of your bathwater based on the bath bomb you choose. Don’t worry, the natural coloring won’t stain your tub. Soak in the bath to enjoy! 


Who Are CBD Bath Bombs Best For?

If you’re trying CBD for the first time, you’ll love testing a bath bomb to dip your toe in the benefits and see if CBD is right for you! However, if you regularly use CBD, you’ll enjoy this fun new way to rejuvenate, too. Anyone looking to unwind and soak tired muscles will love adding a CBD bath bomb to their bath time.


How Do I Know How Much of a CBD Bath Bomb To Use?

Bath bombs are designed so that you can drop one in each bath. You can either add a CBD bath bomb to your daily baths or save for special occasions.


How Do I Know If My CBD Bath Bomb Is Working?

After enjoying a bath with a CBD bath bomb you should feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you have additional questions about the effects of CBD, contact our team of pharmacists at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy. We’re happy to discuss your concerns or suggest alternative products!


Where Can I Learn More About CBD Bath Bombs?

Come by our Charlotte, NC location to visit the pharmacy in person. You can also give us a call today to learn more about CBD bath products and our wide assortment of other CBD products like oil tinctures, oil capsules, and topicals.