CBD Oil Tinctures

Are CBD Oil Tinctures Right For You?


CBD oil tinctures are a convenient and discreet way to take your CBD supplements. Our high-quality products are grown and processed in the USA to ensure the most rigorous standards are met. You won’t have to worry about imported CBD oil or contaminants. Simply enjoy the benefits that our customers are experiencing every day!


If you’re deciding whether or not you want to try CBD, read our answers to common customer questions below. Contact our pharmacists at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy to answer any outstanding questions


“This helped me a lot with my pain and inflammation. Thank you for having such a great product.” -Bethany N.


CBD Oil Tinctures FAQs


What Are CBD Oil Tinctures?

Oil tinctures are a common way to get your dose of CBD! It includes a bottle of CBD oil and a dropper that you will use to measure the amount of oil you’d like to take. It may not be how you typically take supplements, but it is an effective way to ingest CBD. You’ll get the hang of it quickly! 


Are CBD Oil Tinctures Compatible With Diet Restrictions?

Our oil tinctures are natural, plant-based products that align with many diets, however, consult each package to confirm if a product is gluten-free, soy-free, or vegan. The pharmacists at Stanley Speciality Pharmacy are happy to review your specific allergies to help you find the right oil tincture.


What Are CBD Oil Tinctures Best For?

Oil tinctures allow you to truly customize your dosage. As you experiment with different doses to find your balance, you can use the dropper to measure exactly how much CBD oil you’d like to take. This offers more flexibility than a capsule or spray, which consistently dose specific milligram counts. 


How Do I Take CBD Oil Tinctures?

To administer your CBD oil, use the included dropper to measure out one dose of CBD oil. See package details for dosing instructions based on the concentration you purchased. Then place the dropper under your tongue to deposit the oil. Hold the oil under your tongue for at least one minute before swallowing. This way, the oil will be absorbed sublingually.  


How Do I Know How Much CBD to Take?

The amount of oil that you need to place under your tongue will depend on the concentration of oil you purchase. Your ultimate dose will be determined by how many mg/ml you take throughout the day. Refer to the package to see the recommended dose. Start low – you can always work up from there! If you want to discuss your dosage with a pharmacist, contact us today.  


How Do I Know If CBD Tinctures Are Working?

Because there are so many different amounts you can take using an oil tincture, you may not feel anything at first. Slowly increase your dosage until you achieve your desired effect. If you are having a hard time figuring this out on your own, don’t be afraid you give our team of experienced pharmacists in Charlotte a call! We can help you find the right dosage, brand, and form.


Where Can I Learn More About CBD Oil Tinctures?

If you have further questions, contact Stanley Specialty Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC today! We understand that CBD products and dosages can be confusing. We’re happy to share more information about CBD oil tinctures and the other CBD products available on the market.