CBD Sleep Aids

Experience A Restful Night Of Sleep


CBD sleep aids are the perfect nighttime companion. If you have trouble sleeping, one of our products may be a good fit! Our CBD sleep aids combine melatonin and CBD with a variety of natural extracts. You’ll rest easy knowing that our high-quality, hemp products are third-party lab-tested. 

Contact us today if you have additional questions about how CBD could help you get your best night’s sleep. Your top CBD questions are answered below in our FAQs. 


“I drift off to sleep gently and get a full nights sleep uninterrupted. In the morning, I don’t feel groggy or in a fog. I’m so thrilled with this product!” –Dan T.


CBD Sleep Aids FAQs

What Are CBD Sleep Aids?

CBD sleep aids are products that combine natural sedatives with melatonin and a blend of other nutrients. The non-habit forming ingredients were specifically chosen to encourage healthy circadian rhythms and relax the body.

Will I Be Tired in the Morning After Taking Sleep Aids?

While many prescription medications can cause morning sleepiness, CBD sleep aids are designed to encourage restful sleep and a feeling of rejuvenation upon awakening. You’ll find that CBD sleep aids are a great alternative to other habit-forming sleeping pills.

How Do I Take CBD Sleep Aids?

Our CBD sleep aids are available in many different forms to best fit your preferences and lifestyle. You may want to experiment with each to see which you prefer to take!

How Do I Know How Much CBD to Take Before Bed?

The dosage to achieve desired results from CBD will differ from person to person. We recommend that you start with a low dose and adjust as needed. Refer to the packaging to establish a baseline dosage or discuss your questions with an expert at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy.

How Do I Know If My Sleep Aids Are Working?

A team of talented and experienced pharmacists is on call at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy. Give us a call at our Charlotte location to discuss how you’re feeling! We’re eager to suggest alternative solutions and make recommendations about dosage, brand, and form.

Where Can I Learn More About CBD Sleep Aids?

If you have additional questions, contact Stanley Specialty Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC today to learn more about CBD Sleep Aids and other available CBD products.