Men’s Health

Men have unique health issues that often times can benefit from medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy. Just as every man is unique, so too are the custom medication therapies prepared by Stanley Specialty Pharmacy staff of pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.

Stanley Specialty Pharmacy provides compounded pharmaceutical answers to help solve all your men’s health issues, including andropause and erectile dysfunction. Our compounded medications come in a variety of dosage forms and types to satisfy your individual preferences. We offer hormonal (testosterone) compounding options, as well as over the counter and prescription drug solutions.

Stanley Specialty Pharmacy also carries a wide variety of dietary supplements, daily multivitamins, and nutritional supplements. We carry specific types of Men’s daily multivitamins and a large selection of specialty mineral supplements to aid you in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Due to the private nature of some of our men’s health products, we take every step to ensure your complete privacy and confidentiality. To learn more about our many men’s health products and services, please contact us today either by submission form or by calling directly at (704 370-6612).