Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Stanley Specialty Pharmacy recognizes the many benefits nutritional supplements can provide when used properly.

Vitamins and minerals are regularly used to supplement unbalanced diets or simply to combat a deficiency.  Vitamins and minerals can be a vital part of maintaining a healthy body and the proper nutritional balance.

Nutritional Supplements Work Best when Used Properly

However, Stanley Specialty Pharmacy believes that you should treat your intake of vitamins and minerals with the same caution as you would your prescription medications. This includes:

Stanley Specialty Pharmacy: Consultation and Personal Service

Much of this knowledge can come from a thorough assessment of your nutritional needs.

Your Stanley Specialty Pharmacy compounding pharmacist and pharmacy technicians can help you analyze your nutritional needs based on many factors. They can help you study your diet and make recommendations on ways to improve your eating habits.

Using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, Stanley custom compounds the optimal selection of vitamins and minerals in just the right dosage and format for your needs.