What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies are essential in supplying medications, especially during national drug shortages. When patients don’t get the medicine they need during these outages, they can experience adverse effects, including missed doses and withdrawal symptoms. Compounding pharmacies help alleviate these problems by supplying medications to both patients and health care facilities. Below are four unique ways that compounding pharmacies support healthcare initiatives across the country: 

Compounding Pharmacies Offer Fast Turnaround

Traditional pharmacies can experience inventory outages which can delay people from getting healthcare when they need it. However, a compounding pharmacy can create medications on site, which avoids any issues with drug shortages. This is a crucial benefit in ensuring that patients don’t miss any doses or experience any adverse effects because of delays. So, skip the long wait time and ask your doctor about prescription pickup options from your local compounding pharmacy for a faster solution. 

Compounding Pharmacies Provide Customized Treatments To Avoid Drug Errors

Medications are not a one-size fits-all-solution. Everyone reacts to medication differently and needs a unique prescription to get the desired effect. Also, medication can have high out-of-pocket costs, which makes any trial and error periods expensive. 

A compounding pharmacy can help alleviate these problems by providing a customized treatment plan that tailors the medication to the patient’s biogenetic makeup. This can help people get more accurate results without spending unnecessary time and money. 

Compounding Pharmacies Provide Medication For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities, such as hospitals and urgent care centers, need to have a consistent supply of medication for emergencies and life-or-death situations. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, can decrease the amount of medication available for emergencies. For example, in 2018, Hurricane Maria caused a drug shortage in Puerto Rico for over 40 drugs, including saline solutions for IV bags. Compounding pharmacies helped provide enough solutions so that medical personnel could continue to care for patients.  

Compounding Pharmacies Offer Support During National Crises

When national healthcare emergencies occur, healthcare facilities experience high demand for patient care and medication treatment. Consequently, the medication supply quickly dwindles and healthcare facilities are unable to treat patients. Compounding pharmacies can support healthcare facilities by producing medication even during inventory shortages. 

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, compounding pharmacies stepped up to the plate by producing hand sanitizer for people all across the country. Since hand sanitizer became less available, compounding pharmacies provided much-needed relief for medical professionals and other front-line personnel. 

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